The “must have” Foundation Brush

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how they apply their foundation. Some prefer a sponge whilst others (like myself) prefer to use a brush. I find using a brush is quicker, less messy and ensures you have an even coverage. I myself have invested in many foundation brushes over the years but my favourite is definitely the ‘stippler’ brush (pictured below). With this brush it is almost impossible to get that awful ‘jaw line’ look that you may notice when someone hasn’t blended their foundation in correctly.

Having always invested in MAC Makeup brushes, I never imagined switching to another brand. That was until I misplaced my trusty MAC brush and in a rush to get a replacement to be going on with, I popped into my local Wilkinson’s store.

Foundation Brush

Priced at £4 I wasn’t expecting this brush to even last or be of any real use, but how wrong was I…!!? The brush is super soft and does not malt as I would have expected it to, considering the price! It creates a great even coverage and the angle of the brush allows you to create depth with you foundation if you require. It is a perfect size and allows you to sweep into the corners of your eyes with no problem. Overall I would say that I find it better than my old MAC foundation brush!

Carrie’s Tips for Looking after your MakeUp Brushes

  • Wash all brushes once a week
  • Dilute baby shampoo in warm water and submerge your brushes
  • Allow your brushes to dry naturally, although if in a rush dry under your hairdryer on a cool setting at a distant (you want to protect your bristles as much as possible)
  • If in a rush you can use baby or face wipes to clean your makeup brushes

Carrie’s Verdict: 9/10

For the price alone the quality of this brush is a true ‘must have’ or at least a ‘must try’. I just hope that Wilko’s other makeup brushes are as good, as I will definitely be going back to buy some more!

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