Calling all Stationery Lovers – The Wellness Planner by Kikki.K

Kikki K - Wellness Planner

Kikki.K – Wellness Planner

After a recent trip to London I became the very proud owner of my first my wellness planner. I had read and heard tonnes about the new Journals that Kikki.K have created so when I ventured into their pop-up shop in Covent garden a few weeks ago I instantly fell in love….

The layout the design of the small London store along with the friendly and helpful shop assistants meant I was hooked instantly! There was no way I was leaving the store without purchasing something even if it was a pen!!!!

After studying the shelves intently I made the decision to purchase the dove grey and turquoise Wellness Planner. You can buy replacement infills to personalise and create your own unique planner. However the planner includes lots of different sections including;

  • Calendar
  • My Day
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Mind
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • General Notes
  • Must mention the really quirky stickers page included too!!

We are constantly told that reflection helps the mind and in our busy and hectic schedules that todays world brings it really does help. I can’t admit that I religious note down everything each day, but it is certainly nice to have the option of my Wellness Planner sat on my coffee table should  I want to jot down notes about my day………


For all you Paperchase lovers out there, give Kikki.K a try, its a new Swedish concept and I am completely hooked! Looking forward to buying something to add to my collection….

If you have bought anything from Kikki.K I would love to hear your thoughts

Happy planning people

Carrie x x x